Ukraine Team 2010 Day 6

Hello MJ from Ukraine,
It's hard to believe that tonight is our last night in Kras. It has been a great week! Today has been a little warm but not bad. Melva taught the children's class today and did a great job! We had 14 kids come today and then a little boy in the park joined in with our group. We had another good lunch and after that Melva and I gave the ladies their gifts. We worked on the beautiful cards that Sheri Kibbe sent. I asked the ladies about coming and making cards with the materials that were left after we leave. Ira volunteered to head that up. Many teddy bears have been made on Saturday and Monday. Our thanks to Patty Willoughby and all the other ladies who work with the Teddy Bear ministry. They will make many children happy in Ukraine. Tony preached tonight and he did a great job too (not that I'm predjudice or anything). After service tonight, the ladies had a "sweet table" for all to enjoy. Lydia made a very delicious "homemade" cake. We had planned to take Lydia (the lady we are staying with)along with our translators out to dinner, but Lydia wanted to prepare dinner. Tamara, her husband, Sasha, Julia, & Lera, along with all of us will have dinner in about an hour. Last night Tamara had us over for tea (it was much much more than tea) and this was AFTER dinner at Lydia's:-)
Tomorrow we will leave for Donetsk to spend the day and night with Lynn & Viktor. Wishing each of you a pleasant evening. We appreciate your prayers and remember you in ours.
Much love,

Ukraine Team 2010 Day 5

Hello from Ukraine. Today was quite busy as we had a full day of activities. We had classes in the park this morning with Pat working with the children and Tony with the teen class. We actually had only one teen, Roman and Era's son Vasia, but Sasha, Julia, and one of the mothers attended and I think we had a good class. There were 8 children in Pat's class and I was told it went well. We again met in the park for classes because the weather was so nice. After class we were able to have fun together and played games.

We again enjoyed a wonderful lunch (well I'd call it dinner since we had more food than we could eat). Lydia is a great cook and wonderful hostess.

Sissy, we have a great picture of Kostya for the blog, but due to technical difficulties (Pat has the camera and has gone to the supermarket), we'll try to get it in tomorrow's blog. By the way, we're using Sasha's computer to do the blog this year.

This afternoon, Melva taught the ladies class, and I understand she did a great job.
After the class the ladies finished up a lot of the teddy bears, and were still working on them when the men arrived for the adult class.

David Fleming did an excellent job with the lesson, which focused on obeying God's word.

Please keep us and the church at Kranoarmeysk in your prayers.

Until tomorrow,

Ukraine Team 2010 Days 3 and 4

Greetings from Krasnoarmeysk.. Saturday was a walk in the park, literally. In the morning we took the kids to the park for a morning of Bible lessons, crafts and games.
You won't believe, but after a long period of extreme heat, the kids actually got chilly after a while. The weather has been very bearable, though it is still August mostly. While the guys were finishing up with crafts (yes the guys did the crafts!) and playing games with the kids, the ladies went to have a study with the church ladies.

In the afternoon, Tony and David met with Sasha the minister, to discuss matters of his ministry. Last night we were delighted to be visited by Tamara, after another delightful supper prepared by Lydia.

Sunday, a beautiful cloudless and cool morning began with everyone rushing to get ready for Sunday's service (you know, just like at home) we gathered for worship with Sasha delivering the morning lesson. After the service everyone enjoyed a good period of fellowship during a light lunch prepared by the ladies of the congregation. After lunch Melva led the lesson period of study for the kids, which kept her, Pat and Valia busy for quite some time. While this was taking place, the men of the congregation met with Tony and David for a meeting at the park. They discussed various subjects and questions regarding how some of the difficulties concerning housing and matters of church discipline might be handled.

I failed to mention that yesterday afternoon, the ladies met to stuff teddy bears and get them ready for new faces.

I know the reading leaves you breathless....but let me leave some news for our next writing. I will say thank you all for your participation in our blog, and for those of you who only read it. If I can figure out how to write this from this end you can also write from your please join in.

To my family I want to say thank God for the good news from Kathy and pray it will continue to be so. Thanks to eveyone who takes their valuable time to keep in touch.

May God continue to bless you until our next copy.

David Fleming.

P.S. - By the way, Kostya is behind the camera on the photo which is why he is invisible.

Ukraine Team 2010 Day 2

After a good nights rest, everyone got up, had showers, and ate breakfast. Tony and David worked to prepare lessons for the congregation. Pat and I, along with our interpreter, organized crafts for the children classes and then went shopping for items we still needed for classes, etc.

David and Tony, and Kostia our interpreter, met with Sasha, the minister to discuss a plan for the church to grow.

After lunch, we all went to the apartment where the church meets. Tony gave a good lesson and after the service we spent some time getting reacquainted with the members who were present.

We are about to go for supper and a night of preparation for tomorrow for the kids in the park. Pat and I are then planning a session making teddy bears with the ladies.

Love to all,


Ukraine Team 2010 Day 1

After eighteen consecutive hours of travelling, we're finally in Ukraine, tired but safe and with all our luggage. This was one of the smoothest trips thus far. This year we are happy to have Melva Fleming with us, and I think she is enjoying the experience.

We also have a new translator this year, Valia Spahi, a friend of Dasha, who was not available to work with us this year.

We were met in Donetsk by several of our Ukrainian friends, including Sasha and wife Julia, Lera, Pavel, Kostya and Valia. Kostya has been translating for us for the last four years and this will be his fifth.

The weather is very nice with tempatures in the mid 80's and a good breeze. Tonight we're going to try to get some rest and tomorrow our work begins. We appreciate your prayers and may God bless you.

Tony Huddleston

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