Ukraine Team 2010 Day 2

After a good nights rest, everyone got up, had showers, and ate breakfast. Tony and David worked to prepare lessons for the congregation. Pat and I, along with our interpreter, organized crafts for the children classes and then went shopping for items we still needed for classes, etc.

David and Tony, and Kostia our interpreter, met with Sasha, the minister to discuss a plan for the church to grow.

After lunch, we all went to the apartment where the church meets. Tony gave a good lesson and after the service we spent some time getting reacquainted with the members who were present.

We are about to go for supper and a night of preparation for tomorrow for the kids in the park. Pat and I are then planning a session making teddy bears with the ladies.

Love to all,


Give Koysta a Big hello and hug from Buddy and I!! Hope you had fun in the park with the kids, I meant to give you some water balloons I found!! I am sure Sasha had some!
I know the teddy bears went good again this year.
Have you gotten to see Tamara? She and Lydia really enjoyed making the teddy bears last year.
You and the work there is in our prayers!
Buddy and Sissy

Tom Gambrell had surgery this morning, haven't heard how it went. Will try to keep you posted.
Glad you all arrived safely. Everyone here is ok. Momma, I'm glad your having fun. Feel hugged!!!
Glad to hear everything is going smoothly.

Daddy & Momma: Just talked to Kevin...he wanted me to send word that Kathy did not have the surgery as planned. They took a biopsy and the doctor thinks it is a type of cancer called mylomma which is very treatable. She only had to stay in the hospital overnight and they are at your house waiting to hear back Monday about a follow up appt. She will have to have radiation but hopefully they will not have to do the surgery to remove the bone in her arm. They are also going to do a body scan to make sure everything else is ok. Aunt Carol and Robin left Friday. Kathy is in pain but sounds like is doing as good as she can.

Love you,

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