Ukraine Team 2010 Day 1

After eighteen consecutive hours of travelling, we're finally in Ukraine, tired but safe and with all our luggage. This was one of the smoothest trips thus far. This year we are happy to have Melva Fleming with us, and I think she is enjoying the experience.

We also have a new translator this year, Valia Spahi, a friend of Dasha, who was not available to work with us this year.

We were met in Donetsk by several of our Ukrainian friends, including Sasha and wife Julia, Lera, Pavel, Kostya and Valia. Kostya has been translating for us for the last four years and this will be his fifth.

The weather is very nice with tempatures in the mid 80's and a good breeze. Tonight we're going to try to get some rest and tomorrow our work begins. We appreciate your prayers and may God bless you.

Tony Huddleston

I'm glad everything has gone smooth so far, and I hope things continue to go that way. Tell Kostya and little Lera and Era hi for me. You will be in my prayers. Wish I was there.

Glad to here that you all made it there safe and sound and that Momma is enjoying the experience so far. Get some much needed rest and I hope that the rest of the trip goes as smoothly as your trip there.

Hannah says to take lots of pictures.

Seth's message to Grandaddy is "do a lot of Star Wars stuff while you're there.


glad you had a smooth trip and have arrived safely.
Give the members there a big Hi and hug from Buddy and I. Also tell Lydia, your hostess, hi!! I guess that is where you are staying. Wish we were there!!
Sissy and Buddy
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