Ukraine Team 2010 Day 5

Hello from Ukraine. Today was quite busy as we had a full day of activities. We had classes in the park this morning with Pat working with the children and Tony with the teen class. We actually had only one teen, Roman and Era's son Vasia, but Sasha, Julia, and one of the mothers attended and I think we had a good class. There were 8 children in Pat's class and I was told it went well. We again met in the park for classes because the weather was so nice. After class we were able to have fun together and played games.

We again enjoyed a wonderful lunch (well I'd call it dinner since we had more food than we could eat). Lydia is a great cook and wonderful hostess.

Sissy, we have a great picture of Kostya for the blog, but due to technical difficulties (Pat has the camera and has gone to the supermarket), we'll try to get it in tomorrow's blog. By the way, we're using Sasha's computer to do the blog this year.

This afternoon, Melva taught the ladies class, and I understand she did a great job.
After the class the ladies finished up a lot of the teddy bears, and were still working on them when the men arrived for the adult class.

David Fleming did an excellent job with the lesson, which focused on obeying God's word.

Please keep us and the church at Kranoarmeysk in your prayers.

Until tomorrow,

Hey Mom and Dad:
Everything in TN is good. Hope you guys are having a good time. Tina and Teresa and all of the kids say HI! and we love you all. See ya soon. I got another interview with Vandy on Friday.
Love ya,
I can't wait to see the picture of Kostya. Tell our Franch Canadian Cowboy we miss being with him.

I just looked at the picture of the kids enlarged. It is wonderful to see so many familiar faces. Tell them all I said hello and give little Aluna a hug for me.
Looks like things are going great!!
There are only 2 girls I don't recognize, the 2nd and 3rd from the left! So good to see the others who have been coming for the past 3 years. Lera is looking so grown up, as well as the others!

I see Koysta at the far left!
Hard to believe you just have one more day there! Enjoy the last day and give Lydia our love, any new dishes she has tried this year. Did she add AC this year?

Love and miss you all!
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