Ukraine 2012 Sunday June 10

What a wonderful day!! Our team met the congregation early this morning to transport everything for the day to a remote part of the park, including the people. It took two trips in the van Which holds about 18 people, but we loaded it with chairs, tables and bags and bags of foodstuff. We had service on the ground and then a children's class while David studied with two young women, Kate and Vickie. While this was going on Sasha grilled pork shish kabobs and the ladies prepared the balance of the feast with potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, and other dressings. It was a wonderful meal and time of fellowship. You could not have asked for better weather-clear skies, cool temps and slight breeze. We had approximately 40 people in attendance. Kate and Vickie are interested in baptism, but still have questions and secular pressures. Please pray for these two young ladies. We love you all! Buddy

I hope y'all have a great trip. I wish I could be there to join in all the fun. It sounds like quite the week. Hope everything continues to go well, tell little Era hello for me.
Hey guys!!
I am glad things are going well. We miss all of you. I was curious if you guys will need me to pick you up from the airport when you return. If so, let me know the details.
Tim M.
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