Ukraine 2012 June 18-20

Our last day in Ukraine consisted of having breakfast, Ray cleaning the men's house (voluntarily), and saying good bye to our hostesses. We left about 11. A van and a truck transported us to the airport where we said our goodbyes to Sasha and three of the kids from Krasnoarmeysk. We dropped off Igor on the way, Nick shortly after arrival. After a fashion we convinced Dasha and Nastyia to go on their way. Our flight left 10 minutes early according to our itinerary but right on time according to the schedule posted. There is a beautiful new terminal in Donetsk due to the Eurocup 2012. Our flight was smooth and relaxing with no problems with luggage or getting thru customs in Warsaw. Our driver met us on time but seemed a little overwhelmed with the amount of luggage we were dragging around. But there was plenty of room in the very comfortable Mercedes Benz Sprinter van and he whisked us to our hotel in downtown Warsaw using traffice lanes reserved for buses. Nice! Our hotel was one of two remaining in Warsaw after World War II. Over 75 per cent of the city was destroyed. On our tour on Tuesday we visited a synagogue that was untouched by the WWII destruction. Most of the destruction was down by the Germans in retaliation for an uprising of the Poles. The reason the synagogue was not destroyed as the Germans used it to house their horses, just another way to insult the Jewish people. We met a young Christian couple from Warsaw for dinner. They attend a very small congregation and David had made a connection thru Memorial Road in Oklahome City. She is an American and he is a Pole. Really nice young couple. How would you like to be 2 of five Christians in a city of 1.7 million? On Tuesday we toured Warsaw on the Sprinter van and walking. It is an exciting, vibrant city full of activity. Being one of several host cities for Eurocup 2012 added to the excitement downtown. It is also a beautiful city that has been rebuilt after the war. We were told that they received no money from the US,mwho paid to rebuild Grermany the aggressor. The Soviet Union gave Poland a monstrous House of Culture. It towers over downtown and provided a great landmark for us to find our way back the the hotel. We had another beautiful day. We capped it off with dinner with the same young couple and a member of their congregation. His name is Adam and he is from Gambia in West Africa and a student at the University. Wednesday morning we took a walk to see the changing of the guard at their tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Very somber experience similar to ours in DC. Back to the hotel to check out have lunch and catch a van to the airport. Buddy

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