Ukraine 2012 June 11

Monday morning in the park with 15 young people from the area began our week of Bible studies. We had good classes and even more fun with the "volleyball" game played with water balloons. Somehow Ray and John got wet! After lunch we split into two groups, one to the nearby town of Dimitrov and most of us to the shelter (a type of foster/orphan's home) nearby. They thoroughly enjoyed the lessons, crafts, and the 14 foot jump rope, with special jumping demos by John and Janice! Dimitrov had 6 kids and the shelter had about 12. The numbers may seem small, but leaders assure us there will be more at each place tomorrow! The last event of the day -- before supper -- was a great Bible study led by David and John in the church/apartment building. The singing of that 30 member group was so energetic and heartfelt that it makes us all so glad we came! The biggest blessing so far is the weather. It's been raining here for the past two weeks, and all indications were that it would be this week. However, it's been blue skies and sunshine. Praise the Lord! Thank you all for your prayers. We are conscious every hour of the blessings of our Christian family. Melissa

Ray and John got wet during volleyvall with water ballons...wonder how that happened? What a wonderful blessing that the weather is cooperating with your work in the park, God knows that you need to have the space there to have the largest classes possible!
Praying for you all!
I was thinking the same thing as Celeste and it did not surprise me in the least that John and Janice were giving jumping lessons. I am so thankful that the weather is cooperating with you. We have gotten some much needed rain in the last few days and I am very thankful for that. My thoughts and prayers are with each of you. Annie
So great to read about everything taking place there. I know your team is doing a wonderful job, and I will be praying for the individuals you are studying with. You are making a real difference in the lives of those kids, as well as the adults!
We need you to lead "Sea of Galilee"!!!!
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