Ukraine Mission Trip 7/9/2011

Hello, MJ, This is Buddy. Your Blogger for tonight.

We did arrive in Donetsk yesterday on time and with all our luggage. We believe that Austrian Air held the plane for our luggage to be transferred. Thanks Austrian!!!

We had a meal with Lynn, Victor, Sasha, Lera and Roman in Donetsk. "Table for 19 please". Sun City was our choice and the Pizza was good as always. We were all tired but happy to see Lydia and Tamarra when we got to Kras last night.

Tonight we started with VBS at the park. We had 9 teens and 14 kids ranging in age up to 12.

After the park, we headed to the apartments for lunch and some planning for the rest of the week.

We will be holding VBS at the park each day (Sunday thru Thursday) for the kids in Krasnoarmeysk. We will have classes in Dimitrov daily as well. Our team will divide each morning for separate sessions at each community. In the afternoons we are going to a shelter to teach the Bible to some kids there. That will be on Monday thru Wednesday only.

On Sunday we will have VBS in the park, then go to services with the congregation in Krasnoarmeysk. After that a small team will head to Dimitrov for the afternoon.

Each evening starting on Sunday we will be conducting a campaign at a local auditorium. Sasha have placed some ads in the newspaper and some on TV as well. We don't know how many to expect but we are hoping for many so that many can hear the Word.

After our planning session today we went to the shelter to take a tour and meet the director. The shelter is a home for children in bad situations. They may not have parents or do not have parents that can care for them. It is a charitable organizations supported by a variety of faiths. It breaks your heart to see some of these children and hear their stories. They are all beautiful and need to hear the story of Jesus.

Also we went to look at a piece of property for potential purpose for the construction of a badly needed church building. The church here presently meets in a third floor apartment. They are extremely crowded and have no place to grow in the current location.

The location of the land is very good, just off the main road to town with good access to bus stops. It has some potential.

After walking thru the park and handing out flyers for the campaign we stopped by the church building to get greeted by 10 or so members who came there to meet us. It is thrilling to see those folks again each year.

We have 2 Ukraine rookies from USA and one from Ukraine. Erica and Brennan have been on trips to El Salvador, but never here. I think they both were (as we all are) a little draggy after the 8 hour and 15 over seas flight from Washington to Vienna and the 2 and half hour flight from Vienna to Donetsk and the flight from Nashville added to our fatique.

Our Ukrainan rookie is a young man named Igbor. He is from the same city as Masha and Dasha. They grew up together. He is a great addition to the team.

Our long time translator and friend, Kostya, is back again for a lot of mistreatment, but I think he likes it.

Our internet access is less than ideal. We have to go to Sasha and Julia's apartment and impose on them to write these entries. I am not sure if we will be able to post something every night but we will try.

Well, it is 10 pm here so I better sign out and head back to take a shower and go to bed.

So stay tuned tomorrow night (hopefully) for another update from your Ukraine team 2011.

Hello Everybody,

Sounds like you are going to be very busy. Good luck with the land, VBS, gospel meeting,that is so exciting. Wow!!

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