Ukraine 2011 Day 2 in Krasnoarmeysk

Busy day for us. We headed to the park at 900 for a lesson with the kids and a short game. The lesson was on the ten commandments. Matt taught the teens and Sissy taught the little ones. Sasha and Julia broke us all ice cream cones. The game was a water balloon contest between a team made up of Turtles and a team made up of a Russian cartoon character. The Turtles won today!!! We had voer 30 kids at the park.

After that we headed to the apartment where the church meets. Roman delivered a good message. He has just completed his first year at Bear Valley here in Ukraine. We had 35 people at services and our team is 14 in number. So there was a good turnout. Vera wants PD to come eat some cherries.

After lunch several of us napped, some ran for exercise (I will leave it to you to guess who that was), a couple went to visit a member, and a small team went to Dimitrov. They conducted the same class for 8 children there.

For the evening we went to the cinema for our evening session. We had 6 guests, two teen boys, 3 ladies and one man. In total we had about 30 or so as a number of members came to hear Sasha deliver a lesson on the history of the church. It was a very good lesson and several from the States commented that they had not considered an aspect or two of his lesson. After the lesson we had a time of fellowship and conversation with the members and the guests.

A very good day but a long and tiring one for several of us.

The team sends their greetings to their family members. Erica wanted to make sure that she sent her family a hello. "Hello, Sircy's".

All is well for the team.

Tomorrow we have class and games in the park and a small team will go to Dimitrov. Then 4 of us go with Sasha to Donetsk to check out a potential builder for the church building. At four a team will head to the shelter to teach a lesson. Hopefully we will all meet up at 6 for our meeting in the cinema. Another busy day.

Keep us and the congregation in your prayers.


WOW!! Keep up the good work. The nap sounds like a good idea.

Sounds like a great day. Hopefully, seeds were planted that will bring forth much fruit! The buidling situation sounds as if it is very promising.
Hope you are getting enough rest. Sounds like there is a lot of good going on over there. I know the little ones are so excited to have you all there to teach them.
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