Ukraine Team. Tuesday Blog

Hey everyone back home! I get the honor of writing today's blog from Ukraine. Today was fun and we had great weather! It was windy so it kept us cool. A few things that i can write about are funny but very true. Today we came up with 'awards' for our taxi drivers. To start off with, I have never been in a taxi before so it was an experience. The awards we are talking about are awards for what our taxi drivers put us through while getting us to our destination. One taxi driver got the award for running over the most pot holes and another driver got the award of best looking taxi. One in particular got the award of going the fastest while playing 'chicken' with the other cars. But the most important thing is that the drivers did get us to our destination no matter how they did it. But talking about good news, we had a Bible study today with a woman named Anya and she is thinking about baptism. We had a good day and good week so far but we all miss our families. The team told me to tell all of their family members that they love you and and can not wait to see you. Our classes are picking up in numbers just a little bit but we wish it would pick up a little faster. Other than that eerything is going great besides the water being turned off today so that means no showers for us tonight! haha. Can't wait to be home. We miss everyone!


Keep up the good work and continue planting seeds. God will give the increase in His own time.
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