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Greetings from Ukraine. We have just finished another productive day in Krasnoarmeysk. It's been a wonderful trip with a lot of opportunities, memories, and funny moments along the way.

This was our 3rd day in the park doing a Vacation Bible School. Our numbers have been very constant with a great turn out. David Burka taught the teen class the story of Moses and the 10 Commandments. While I believe Mrs. Pat taught the younger children. Also during this time Brennan, Melissa, Sissy, and Dasha went to the small town of Dymitrov to do a childrens lesson for the kids there. I hear it was also a great success with more of the ladies planning to go back tomorrow.

At the park we tryed to teach the guys how to play football. It was amazing how a little instrution helped them throw the ball. But also a little difficult since football is not common to them like it is to us. But they all seemed to enjoy it and by the end of the day you could hit them on a dime.

The ladies taught the first ladies class today, with the second one planned for tomorrow. Alos today was our first day at the Shelter. This is similar to a foster home or a type of placement when a child would be placed in DCS custody, or similar situations. It was hard to try and reach out to these kids since some of them have mental or physical disabilites. Yet they all listened to the lesson and durning the craft they all worked hard and creatively to make beautiful sand art. We then played a game of frisbee and began to make more of a connection, so what started out as maybe a little uncomfortable turned into another great outreach.

We had another good turn out and lesson at the gospel meeting tonight. Sasha is a great preacher with a fire for the truth and bringing others to God. Please continue to be prayerful on our behalf. Tomorrow David Burka will study with Anya who is a woman who has been attending church for over a year so please be prayerful on their behalf. We have 2 more days of work and they will be busy but that's the way we like it.

Matt Brown

Well written, Pilgrim!
Great job Matt. It sounds like you are having a terrific and very very busy trip. Keep up the good work. Tell all I send my love.

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