National Matt Brown Day in Ukraine and other funny happenings :)

Hello from Ukraine and your Ukrainian interpreters:)

There are no Americans coming back this time!No,no, they are not staying in Ukraine either, just all the company is half Ukrainian now. I'll try to explain why. It is rather difficult to stay American when you eat genetically modified ketchup every day, speaking seriously now Buddy has his curly hair back. All joking aside here is what all happened today:

The day started at 9 with one more nice ride to Novogelannoe Orphanage. Children were very glad to see us all again, it was the last day here so everybody was double emotional. The classes went the best way they could (it was so touching to see how kids were happy to get these crafts, some even could not understand that they can keep them) and after that there was a skit about The Good Samaritan(directed by 3 times Oscar nominee Doug Allen) with such celebrities acting as Buddy Pickler as the donkey (the best part of it was the sound "hee-haw" that children liked immensely), Tony as the "beaten up person",Dasha and Lera as sheep,Matt and Pat(She took advantage of her role as a robber and beat him mercifully and took his money to go shopping!) were the robbers,Susan as the priest, Sissy as the Levite and me as the Samaritan. It was the best way to part with children telling them the story about friendship, letting them know that even though we would not be coming back this year, that we would still miss them and that distance could not separate our friendship. Before leaving Tony presented basketballs, soccer balls and school materials to the head of the orphanage, he was very pleased with that. Children would keep your hand and would not let it go so all the parting seemed to last forever but with aching heart we made it.

(By the way Connie is under the weather. She lost her voice and has a very bad cough and congestion. She was given home remedy by Lydia of sugar and spices and was last seen under the covers sleeping. This evening she joined us for dinner at the restaurant.)

On our way back to Krasnoarmeisk everybody was talking about these tremendous days spent in the orphanage.

At 3 p.m. we had a class for children and teens. We were happy to see a new girl coming today because her friends told her how exciting it was there. Classes went very fast and all of a sudden it was time to part. Warm hugs and girls tears were the top of it.

And as the climax of the day we went to the restaurant with our hostesses to say thanks to them ("and to show how we appreciate our translators work!" exclaimed Matt reading the blog over my shoulder) and there we celebrated Matt Brown National Day for the first time in Ukraine. We had masks of Matt's face and made a couple of nice photos like that(our hostesses didn't recognize that these masks were photos of Matt's face actually at first and we laughed a lot). Only going out of the restaurant we understood that the mission is over and we are parting with our friends not to see them for a year at least. We became a really good team but we are friends more than that so thank you all for coming and we are waiting for you next year.

Pray for the safe way back home.

submitted by Kostya-the craziest interpreter ever.

Kostya, you are definitely the craziest interpreter ever and I was howling reading your report of the day's events.
Matt, congratulations brother, you have now gone international (I guess BO is probably the only other global star in such a league but I'd much rather have you for president). I particularly like the short Matt in red pants; it's like if Matt were a midget...
The skit sounds like a great success and I know you all have left some lasting impressions.
May God bless the campaigners as they cross the big pond; God bless those who give the Yanks a voice and take such good care of them and especially, may He bless the hearts where His word has been sown this week. Ray
love and prayers for a safe return home.
Very cool to have the blog updated by different people each day for different perspectives! Sound like you all are working hard and eating well! Cram in all you can these last days! Hope Connie gets to feeling better quick. Have a safe trip home everyone!
All the daily comment writers did great. And who but Kostya could put the icing on the comments cake.

It sounds like the team had a good cohesive working relation and the usual great ladies taking care of everyone. God has blessed you with a good work and good folks to work with and for. May he now guide you all safely home. Praying for your safe and timely return to your families.

David & Melva.
Oh MY, I should have read this before my other post. Connie, get well soon, like before I even click send on this. I will put you on my prayer list for your illness along with your travels. I hope you feel better fast. Love, Becky
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