Monday in Ukraine

We started our day at the orphanage in Novojelannoye. (Thanks, Alex. I couldn't have ever spelled it without your help.) The children were wonderful. Many of them remember us from previous years, and the ones who didn't know us readily accepted us into their school. We met with approximately 117 children. There will be 16 more children joining us tomorrow. With that many children to wrangle, the orphanage staff pitched in and were extremely helpful. After dividing them into groups by their grades, we taught the lesson on the Life of Christ up to the time of the crucifixion. Because we had so many children, we were a bit short on the materials to complete all of the crafts. So, the women are feverishly working out a way for them to do all of the crafts tomorrow. Even though the majority of these are children have learning disabilities, everyone on the team agreed that the children were very attentive and engaged in the lessons. We should have a super week working with them.

After lunch, everyone worked on their lessons for the next day, and then we head back to the church in Krasnoarmeysk for an a late afternoon Bible class with the children. Sissy taught a lesson on the Samaritan Woman at the Well.

After the lesson, I called the team together to give them their roles on the skit we will perform at the public school tomorrow. Since we are not allowed to teach scripture in their schools, we are doing a skit about friendship called, "The Good Gypsy." It's about a man who gets robbed and beaten and no one stops to help him except for this Good Gypsy. It's an original work I wrote last night. I hope it will help teach the children a positive lesson about how to be a good friend without the use of scripture. Meanwhile, the team seemed to be cooperative in accepting their roles by knowing there are no small roles, just small actors.

At the evening session at the church, Tony taught a lesson to the adults on "Purity and Living a Godly Life." It was very thorough and sparked a lot of questions and discussion on the topics of coveting and being judgemental. Thanks to Buddy for keeping the little ones, without a translator, quiet during Tony's lesson.

A busy Monday, but a very rewarding one. The whole team is feeling upbeat and ready for what the Lord has for us to do tomorrow.

Submitted by Doug

MJ prayers are with you - Matt hang in there with all those Old Folks
Your updates are very thorough and informative--thank you for taking the time to keep us up to date. It's easy to identify with so much of what you are doing. How good it would be to see the ladies at the congregation in Krasnoarmmeysk again! You have many prayers supporting you! Love in Christ, Myrna
We have prayed for the "fields to be ripe unto harvest" and sounds like prayers are answered with the increase in the # of children....I am so in hopes that there will be enough bears....would love to see the "play", Doug....sounds like awesome ideas and lessons are being taught by "some of the best"...can't wait to read your next "news". God is good! Sending love,
It may be raining outside, but I know there's sunshine in your hearts. You guys are doing awesome. Tell everyone hello for me. I have a question for the translators. If 4 Ukrainian translators have 9 Americans to translate for, that comes to 2 1/4 people each to translate for. Who are you going to divide into fourths?
God bless y'all,
David Fleming.
I'm so thankful for and proud of you all. I know 'The Good Gyspsy' will be entertaining and bring home the point. May God bless each one of you and the seed you are sowing. Give Lera, Dasha, Sasha and Kostya a big hello (what are he and Matt carrying in the picture?) Have a great day!
(Sorry, I messed up the first time I tried to post this.)

Kathryn and I have really enjoyed checking out the blog and getting up to date on your trip. I know it takes time to enter all that info, and I love reading all the details. I can imagine the way everyone is adjusting to make the crafts last and write new skits - you guys always do a tremendous job!
Congrats on getting the luggage there. I know it is a challenge to combine schedules, etc., but you can handle it!Tell everyone hello for me. We are praying for you and I know you are making a difference for the Kingdom!
so glad for the glimpse into your full day as well as night and the seed that is being sown-may The Lord give the increase

love and prayers...Lisa aka Mom
Glad to hear everything is going well. The weather here has been cold! Mom, we've got to get Logan more clothes! Praying for all of you and proud of the work you are doing. Looking forward to your return! Erin Crisp
это был сентипух наполнитель для игрушечных медвеженков(здесь включился Константин)
David Fleming(we really miss U...signed by all interpreters)
We are not going to divide anyone into fourth...the answer is we are going to get rid of one of the translaters...probably the youngest one=)For he wouldn't help us to prepare for the crafts for tommorow
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