Sunday, Day 8

The day of two cities.

Dimitorv this morning with about 27 people not counting the children. Sasha preached and seemed to have a good sermon. The ladies of Kras put on a feast for us. Ira made pizza for us.There were salami and cucumber sandwiches, tomatoes, cucumbers, several pastries. Not a meal for a diabetic. Compote and water to drink. They are really wonderful people.

By the way Vera 1 really should be Vera 2. Vera who speaks English was taught the gospel by Nancy Hackney. The other Vera was baptized later, I think. Anyway neither Vera went to the hospital. Vera 2 (non English Speaking Vera) was checked out by an ambulance crew and she was released. Both were at church. Vera 2 doesn't look good. I know she needs cataract surgery on both eyes but there is something else wrong with her as she does seem to be herself. Please continue praying for her.

Young Ira, actually the middle one as there is an Ira who is 5-6 (call her #3)and one who is married to Roman (call her #1), who was baptized at the camp this year, is still in the hospital with injuries as a result of her beating. Please pray for her as well.

We really worked Dasha over today. The other 3 translators had to go to their University to take an exam to see if they will be accepted into their masters program. They left early this morning and made it back in time for evening services. Little ole Dasha had to keep up with her 11 Americans all day. When we to services at Prolartarksi, she translated for one of the Sasha's who preach at Prolatarski. The tough one to understand. She did a great job, but struggled with understanding him at times. Also during the visit with the folks at Kras, they performed some skits for us. Ira #1 and Roman got into their roles so much that they didn't give Dasha a chance to translate. But she did the best she could. Chip off the Masha block.

While at prolatarski, there was a baptism of an elderly lady who needed a wheel chair to get around. Good work is being done at that congreagtion also.

Half of the group went to Prolatarksy and the other half went to Bujonaski. Then we all met at Liverpool for dinner. Tansy and Matt ate at booth with the translators. The rest of us at a big table. It was marvelous seeing these "kids" enjoying time together.

Busy day tomorrow so I will head down to the river to rest my bones.

Keep the posts coming. More Later.


It is so good to hear from you again today. It has been rather busy here, too. We had 943 (I think it was) this a.m. and a great turn out for the ice cream supper kick off for VBS. Sarah, David and I didn't stay too long, we were getting tired and it is so hot and humid. Hope we get more rain soon. A lot of people asked about you and there were several prayers for you all today.
Love to all,
Melva was right, great to hear news everyday. Big crowd at church for p.m. service as well; 600+ and I think most of them stayed for the icecream! Don't worry Tansy, I took care of your part! Talked to Grammy Saturday and she sends greetings from the Alabama clan. Love ya'll!
I enjoy reading the blog each day and keeping up with what is going on. I know you are doing a lot of good. My prayers are with you - I love all of you. - Annie
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