The last day, Thursday July 24, Our work ....... complete and tomorrow "Turns again home".

Today we finished our work in Ukraine. This morning was double VBSs and double ladies classes. Sissy taught at Bujonski and Pat taught at Prolatarski. I was wrong yesterday when I said that Pat taught. They swapped and Connie taught Wednesday and Pat today. This split team thing makes communication difficult. David taught the VBS at Bujonski and Tony was due to teach the VBS at Prolatarski.

I am really beginning to get frustrated with those guys who built the Tower of Babel. If we all spoke the same language things would be so great. Little children or grown-ups approach you and start talking in Russian or Ukrainian and you don't have a clue what they are saying. It is really frustrating.

Tonight we had a great lesson on Barnabas by Matt. When David led the closing song he made mention of Matt's age the congregation just oohed and ahhed, amazed at a talented young man. I am, too. Dasha translated for him and she is only 17. We are so blessed to have Tansy (who can speak more Russian than you can believe and knows all the songs and motions in Russian as well.), Matt, Dasha, Lera, Eugene and, of course, Kostya on our team. Great contributors.

Yesterday while at Good Shepherd, Doug had suggested we use a skit to teach the story about the lost sheep. Matt was the shepherd, Doug was the narrator (being the creator has it privledges), the rest of us were sheep with Tony doubling as a lion and me as a bear. After we acted out the story, Doug asked some review questions. One of which was "How many sheep did the shepherd have". One little boy decided to cheat and he counted us!! Of course his answer was right but cute!

Well, the bus comes at 3 am for us so I better pack and get some sleep. More later from Amsterdam, time permitting. We are due back Saturday night so please pray for our safe return and all the Christians here in Ukraine. They have a hard work and a hard life.

Love to all,

hey it sounds like everything has been going great. i'm so proud of all of you but i'm so glad you're coming home soon too. enjoy the flight!
Buddy - it is so ironic that today, while I am at work I was listening to Andrew's sermon from 3/09 "Developing Godly Wisdom"- he mentioned Genesis 11 & the tower of Babel.
I am so thankful to each of you for the good work you have done. I thank you for the Blog and appreciate the time and effort taken to keep up informed giving us a verbal image of this jouney.
Tansy -my phone acted up again this week and when it did start working again, I saw that I had missed your call...I was a bit more than sad -okay semi weepy and longed to hear your voice. I can't wait to hear you sing the songs in Russian once more. I am so very proud of you.
I pray for the team daily mentioning each of you by name and ask the good hand of God to be upon you all and the work in the Ukraine.
Praying for your safe return.

Trina ( Tansy's Mommy)
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