Day 9 and Day 8 revisited

I can't believe that I left something out of yesterday's report. In addition to the feast the ladies at Kras had for us, they presented each of us with a gift. I think you would call it a table runner. Very pretty and each was picked out for us individually. For example, they gave a special wedding runner for Doug and Connie. There are a couple of traditions regarding the wedding runner. One involves bread. The other says that they put the runner on the floor and the first one to step on it is the boss of the family. It was clear that they had thoughtfully considered each gift and look at each of us as individuals and not just those people from America. Again, wonderful people at Krasnoarmeysk.

Today, we took taxis to the congregations that we are working with. Sissy, Susan, Matt, David, Dasha, Eugene and me went to Prolatarski in the morning and Bob, Doug, Connie, Pat, Tony, Tansy, Kostya, and Lera went to Bujonski. We had a children's VBS and a ladies class at each place. We then met together for lunch at Prolatarski, prepared by Ray and Lynn. Again, another set of wonderful people. From there we went to Good Shepherd for a modified VBS with the kids there and then back to our respective congregations for Bible studies.

Matt led singing for our group. First time he has ever led singing in English and all he heard was Russian. We had about 27 there. David taught the lesson and did a great job as you would expect.

We are doing double duty by splitting the team. The up side is we are covering more ground. The down side is that we are not together all the time. We will deal with that to expose more children to the life of Christ and edify the congregations here.

Eugene, one of our translators, is doing a great job for us. Turns out this is his first translating job. You wouldn't think it by the job he does. He ate at his first McDonald's today! Can you imagine that!! Also he was right in there gluing and coloring with the kids at the orphange.

Time to go shopping for the daily necessities and down the hill for the a good night's sleep.

More Later, Buddy

Hello from Franklin, It is really quiet at my house. I miss the kids but know that they are getting great lessons from the crew at Mt. Juliet. I know that Sarah has always loved the Mt. Juliet VBS's and now David gets to enjoy them too.

I also know that same love and joy is being spread to the folks in the Ukraine. They are very lucky to have you all there with them.

Please keep us updated on Ira. That is awful that she got beat up. I will be thinking and praying for her.

....until tomorrow....

Hey sounds like everyone's doing good and having fun. :) It's great to hear whats going on, and getting to hear from you Matt. We miss you all and we're praying for you too.

Much love to everyone,
Claire :)
Just to let you know you all are in our thoughts and prayers. I know the VBS crew here is missing all of you but what a wonderful work you're doing. So glad you can share what is happening through this blog.

In Christ,
The Perrys
Thank you Buddy for updating us on the great work you all are doing. It is a great way for us to keep in contact. You all are touching lives that might never have otherwise heard God's Word and what a wonderful gift that is to the people there.

VBS got off to a great start here today with lots of children!

You are all in our thoughts and prayers!

Love you Daddy!
Hi everybody! We know it must be tough to split the group up to cover more ground, but it is easier to reach more people this way, so keep up the good work! We can only imagine those children seeing all of you from a far away country coming all the way to their home town just to see them and teach them!

Such a busy schedule. I would love to hear thing song service. I think it would be pretty amazing.
I do hope that Tansy was able to get Mc D's... I know that she tried a lot of new foods last time and had great things to say about it. The hospitality sounds gracious.
Hope the taxi rides are not too scary.....
Keeping you all and the great work each of you are doing in my prayers. Tansy's Mommy
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