Day 7 Back to Donetsk

Hello from Donetsk,

We finished our work on a little bit of a down note-maybe 2. At the end of the services it was announced that Vera 1 (non English speaking Vera) was taken to the hospital in an ambulance, but we have neard nothing more. Also Ira, one of the young teens who was baptized, was also taken to the hospital. She had been beaten by some young boys recently and was suffering from a head injury. Still nothing more on them today. We will di our best to get an update tomorrow when we travel to Dimitrov for services. Please pray for these two Christian women and all the members here in Ukraine.

Last night Matt treated the congregation with a great lesson on Barnabas. Connie taught the ladies in the early session and Doug taught the kids. Good things are going at Krasnoarmeysk. They have challenges, but growth can be seen.

Today we parted with our house hostesses. It gets harder every year. Our agreement was that they would feed us two meals a day and we would provide our own breakfast. They fed us breakfast this morning, I assume because we didn't get lunch our first day and they wanted to make sure we got what we paid for. As always the meal was great! 6 out of the 8 men eat everything in sight! We have a couple who are a little more judicious, but no one should worry, all of us are eating well.

The bus ride from Krasnoarmeysk to Donetsk. We have 2 apartments that we have had on previous trips. David, Eugene, Matt and I have the flat on the 12th floor above the river. Great view. Sissy, Susan and Dasha are where Sissy, Susan and Masha were last year so they are happy. Pat, Tansy, Lera, and Connie are in a great first floor apartment, recently renovated. We haven't heard from the other guys since they dropped us off about one so we expect that they are in the high class hotel! Just kidding! While we are not sure which apartment, everyone is snug as a bug in a rug. Matt and I are a little drippy as it rained on us walking to the apartment tonight. Lisa, he is fine and doing a great job.

We got a little shopping in Pushkin park, lunch and are settled in for the week.

OK, we are considering changing the name of the blog to the Fleming Family chronicles. There are 11 of us here and David is the club house leader in posts.

Tomorrow is a day of worship with Kranoarmeysk and then back to Donetsk to worship with Prolatarski.

I guess I'll close for the evening and plan to have someone post tomorrow night.

This is Buddy signing off. Pray for the work here.

Hey to all,

Maybe there are just more of us to put things on the blog. I think everyone is doing good here. Sarah is here and David is coming this afternoon and we are going to Baya and Erika's for dinner. David you have a dentist appointment on Monday, the 28th at 7:30. Hope that is not too early. This week is VBS so it should be fun. I 'm glad you all seem to be doing good. I will pray for the ladies. Take care, love you.
So glad to hear that you all are having another productive trip and the conditions are bearable. It's great too that the luggage arrived without issues this time.
We're thinking of you all. Please be safe. Look forward to having you all back.
Baya & Erika
So great to hear of a smooth transition from the K-town to Big D. I guess you didn't meet with the mayor/city official this time? We are praying for you and for the work there. We pray that the two who were hospitalized will be well soon! Big hugs to Kostya and Lera, Ray and Lynn. I really miss you all! -- Melissa Burka
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