Day 11, sigh. the end of our trip is coming sooo fast!

Well, things are beginning to wrap up for us here. We had another busy day today. Sissy, Susan, Matt, David, Buddy, Eugene and Dasha went to Bujonski for the first time. Susan, David, and Buddy taught the kids. Matt went with one of the ladies from the congreagtion to get snacks. The kids are getting hungry and we are too. We hope they come back in time for tomorrow's lesson. Just kidding! Seeing if any of the Browns were reading the blog. Matt also helped teach the kids and Sissy taught the ladies. It was a little disappointing to have only 3 kids and 3 ladies today at Bujonski, but that is the way it goes.

The other team went to Prolatarski. Pat taught the ladies of which there were 10!!! Doug taught the kids and there were TEN kids as well. Great day there. At lunch we all went to Prolatarski where Ray and the congregation had prepared chicken, green beans and mashed potatoes. Some of us are just picky eaters, but I ate everything they put in front of us. It was delicious. Tansy had plenty of chicken and Matt consumed enough mashed potatoes and chicken to hold him to supper time. Tony even went back for seconds!

After lunch we went to the Good Shepherd orphanage for our last teaching session with the kids there. I think we had about 16-20. It is hard to count them as they move around A LOT!. We all have our favoriates. Like Little Dema, AKA little DEMON and the Ukranian terrorist. Yesterday as we were loading the bus we had a few of the kids on the bus with us. Yes, little Dema, all of four years old was leading the pack. He is precious. Today he was doing all the motions to the songs (a half of a step behind, but he did them all. We went to Good Shepherd last year. This year only Vitya and Daniel looked familiar. The rest were new to us. This place is doing an amazing work.

We went back to our respective congregations for evening service where we had 20 in attendance at Bujonski. Bob delivered a fine lesson on where the Church worships the way it does. Matt did an excellent job leading singing. Still tough for 5 Americans to sing loud enough to be heard over 15 Ukrainians. Tony taught the class at Prolatarski that evening.

We had our team dinner with thank you gifts for our great translators. I think I have mentioned them all in one of the blogs except for Kostya. He has grown a lot in the last three years we have worked together. He has that sense to take care of things before we think of them. These "kids" are really fine examples of youth in any country. Kostya leads the pack. They have great senses of humor. For example, we were talking about how the taxi drivers seem to know that we were Americans. I suggested we should keep our mouths shut and maybe they wouldn't know. Dasha said, "They'll know." "How?", I asked. "Your backpacks" came the answer "But you are wearing a backpack", I said. "Yes, but I am young" came the smiling reply. I guess "older" people here don't wear backpacks. Come to think of it, I don't generally carry one at home.

Tomorrow we have morning VBS's and then evening services. The afternoon is free for us so maybe we will get some sigthtseeing and shopping in.

The van comes for us at 3 am Friday morning. All 11 Americans, 4 translators, Ray, the driver and all our luggage will be loaded on a 9 passenger van. You get real close to people on these trips. At least it won't be 90 degrees and all sweaty at that time.

I'll try to update you sometime on the way home. This is Buddy signing out. By the way, last night's blog was submitted by Matt. There is no end to that young man's talents.

C'ya, Buddy

hey of course we're reading the blog! lol we're so excited you're all coming home soon. hope you all have good flights too.
VBS isn't the same here without you. We sang the "sea of galilee" today, and I thought of all you. I know dividing and conquering is tough on the team, but you are right - it does so much good for the kids you teach!
I'm glad to hear about the chicken and mashed potatos. Again, Ray and Lynn know how to take care of a group! We will be announcing your good work to everyone tonight at our Summer Faith Series and remembering you in prayer!

In Him,
It is great to hear from you all and know of all the good work. I hope you all have a safe trip home. I know Momma is not going to know what to do with herself after tonight-hah. Yeah right, rest. I know she is tuckered out from all of the grand kids but I'm glad that they they've had the oppotunity to be together and enjoy the VBS at MJ.

Daddy always knows how to "fix it" whatever "it" happens to be. Im glad he was able to go with you all.

Daddy, I know that Momma is excited about your return and you guys can exchange stories.

Again, I know that the Angels are singing from all of the great joy and work that MJ has passed along these past couple of weeks from around the world.

As Grandma Evelyn would say, May God Bless you.

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