Day 10

Hello from the Ukraine! We have had a very busy week so far, despite the fact of us being busy and having hot weather much good has been acomplished. Today was each team's last day at their first congregation, Matt and Tony taught the childrens lessons this morning and we had Tansy and the translaors to help in our singing. Not to mention many attempts from the fellow troops from MJ. There were 4 kids at Prolatarski and 5 children at Bajamaski. Then for our ladies classes taught by Sissy and Connie each class had 10 people.

This afternoon was our second day at Good Shepard. We were able to spend some time with the kids as well as sing, have a lesson, and do crafts. There were about 25 children there and we will go back tomorrow for our last day with those children. It has been mostly younger kids from about 3-7 so we have had our hands full to say the least but have still been able to tell them stories about Jesus.

Tonight Doug spoke to Bajamaski and gave a great lesson about edification. And Buddy gave a lesson on the birth, death, burial, and ressurection of Jesus at Prolatarski. Both congregations have been very acceptive of us as well as they have shown us great love and hospitality. One evening Tony lead singing at Bajamaski and asked for request. So someone from the church said a song but Tony did not know it. So the preacher had to step in in relief. But we appreciate the efforts given by Tony as well as everybody on this trip.

Throughout this trip David has gotten many new nicknames. With his handyman expertise and mr.fix it abilities he has been call the Dr. the wizard, mcgyver, the professor. We have been very glad to have him on our trip, he is always able to get us out of 'sticky situations' or figure out easy ways to put air in an air matress.

I'm sure everyone has many stories to tell about the trip as well as eachother. And we Can not wait to Be home and tell everyon our stories.

We love getting post on the blog as well as all the prayers given back at home. We miss you all but we will back before long.

Well that is all for day 10.

hey matt, great blogging. lol vbs has really been great wish you couldv'e been there. thanks for keeping everyone informed back here at home throught the blog. love y'all,
So glad it hasn't been as hot as last year.Tansy told me the heat was record breaking last year. Tansy told me that she remembered more Russian than she had thought. I know she really enjoyed getting to know the translators last year and it sounds like this time is not differant. Again- I would love to hear the song service. Good turnout with the young children. God Bless each and everyone.
I miss/love my Tanner Banner/Bell, Funny Bunny, Baby Sweet Cakes..... Tansy's Mommy
We have always appreciated Daddy's Mr. Fix-it abilities and I know you all do to!

Grandaddy, Seth wants you to come to our house to see his trumpet, superhero cape, and frog that he has made at VBS this week.

Hannah wants to know if you have drawn any pictures while in the Ukraine.

We wish all of you the best as you continue your days in the Ukraine.

By the way, I believe Andrew said there were 364 at VBS today.

Buddy & Sissy, I saw Amy and her sweet baby at VBS this morning. They seemed to be doing great!!!

Day 10, that sounds good because it won't be too long before you start home. It has been busy here with kids, working and VBS (I made scotch-a-roos twice). Seth and David have a remote car that needs Granddaddy's fix-it ability too, but we are glad to share him with you all. So glad things seem to be going so well there. You are a great group.

Love to all,
From Amy:
Okay, Daddy, I can finally leave you a comment b/c I'm on YOUR computer! :)
Glad to hear that things are going well. Your house is still standing and providing a nice place for us to stay. We turned the sprinklers on...Jonah has been enjoying his playmat...and something keeps beeping in the basement but I don't know what it is - hopefully nothing's about to blow up on us!
We're heading to TX tomorrow...
We love you,
Nick, Amy, and Jonah
Hi, all!
Look forward to the post everyday to hear about what's going on, but can't wait to hear those stories in person. Tansy, I'd been on the phone most of the morning and when it rang again with that great long string of numbers, I new it was you. Loved hearing your voice! Can't wait to see you. Hey MacGyver! I broke out my own roll of "duct tape" today for a special mission. Love ya'll.
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