Day 1, 2 and 3

Hello from Krasnoarmeysk!

We are finally on-line. It has been a busy few days. We flew out on Saturday some leaving at 10 am and the rest at 5 pm, all taking the same route and arriving safely a little bit late in Donetsk. Bob and David had to depart early due to a problem with our flight arrangements, but as I said we are all safe and doing well.

After a short night on Sunday we spent most of the day on Monday gathering our team and supplies and taking a very crowded bus to Kranoarmeysk. (As always Ray Grayham and Lynn Allison were tremendous helps in getting things for us and we look forward to working with them next week.) Even Tony appoved of the safety of the driver. We are staying with the same ladies that we stayed with last year and their warm hospitality is felt by all.

They are feeding us Ukrainian food-buckwheat, cabbage, meat steak, borscht, etc. Most of us are eating all they bring and others are being selective, but everyone is very satisfied.

We began our work today with the children of Kranoarmeysk at the park. We had 12- all girls. One was a new convert and there were 12 in all. Julia and Sasha led them to the park like Pied Pipers. Doug taught the lesson and we all played with them and sang and did crafts. Great morning.

Tonight we have services at Krasnoarmeysk. The rest of the week we have VBS with Kransoarmeysk in the morning, twice we go to Dimitrov for a VBS, conduct two ladies classes, one new converts class and have services with Krasnoarmysk congregation each night. Whew!!! It is going to be busy week. Ooops. I forgot that Matt and Tansy are going to have a teen class for some of the girls from Krasnoarmysk during the children's classes this week. It is great to have such eager, bright minds with us.

We do miss the "old" hands and they have been asked about over here.

Next week we split time between the two congregations in Donetsk=Prolatarsky and Bujonaski. I am sure I am not spelling these right, but who can know for sure.

Things are going well. Fluidity is important and the team flexes to make things work.

The work at Krasnoarmyesk seems to be progressing. "Big" Roman and his family have moved to Dimitrov. Instead of this being a negative it has opened the door for more work. Sasha now teaching a lesson in his apartment for the Kranoarmeysk congregation and most Lord's days then goes to Dimitrov to teach a second time. Sound familar, David? At least we come to you!

Please pray for the work here and the safety of the team.

This is Buddy signing off for the team. More updates later as time permits.

It is so good to hear from you and to know you all arrived safely. I'm assuming your luggage made it as well. It sounds really busy, I hope you can find time for a little rest. Everything is good here. The sky is so blue and beautiful today. Take care.
Happy Tuesday from Franklin!! The humidity is supposed to be low today so it should be a wonderful day! Hope you all are having wonderful weather there too. It sounds like you are having a great turnout for your classes. That is wonderful. You never know how many people those 12 ladies will reach. Have a great day. You are all on a lot of people minds over here.

Feel hugged Daddy!: )

I need to place an order:

1. Bowl of Borsch
2. Gallon of Rose Tea
3. 1 Summer Shower
4. 1 hug from Tamarra

Please send to Mt. Juliet

Love you guys!!!

It is so good to hear word about everyone. It makes my heart smile.
My prayers go out to all. Tansy your mommy misses and loves you so very much.
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