Touring the City

Today was probably the most tiring day we have experienced in Krasnoarmeysk, but it was also one of the most interesting. We met with the Councilwoman and the deputy mayor this morning. They presented us with some gifts and we did the same for them. After our conversation with them, they brought in some of the Pioneer Scout crafts to show/sell us. They are proud of what their children have made, and rightfully so. The crafts were beautiful! After that, we visited the Krasnoarmeysk orphanage. We visited there last year, and only about 14 children live in this facility. The staff is very kind, and they desire for us to do a camp there in the future. This may be a good project for the Krasnoarmeysk congregation. They also remembered Phil's "air trumpet," and I think they were pretty disappointed that none of us could reproduce that sound. The councilwoman did mention all the people on last year's team and how she missed them.

In the afternoon, we visited both of the orphanages we have been working with this week. I also have neglected to mention the wonderful meals being prepared and served by our hostesses. The ladies are staying in Lydia's home and the men are styaing in Tamera's home. We have been treated to homemade Ukrainian cuisine, and they are skilled cooks. No one will be losing any weight this trip!

Tonight, David Fleming taught a great lesson about the New Testament Church. We are also preparing to head back to Donetsk tomorrow evening. Our flight to Athens leaves at 5:30 a.m. on Friday morning! We have been blessed with a wonderful experience here, although it was a new adventure. Hopefully, we will be able to post before we return. If not, thank you and we hope to see you soon.

God bless!

Hello from Ukraine!

See you soon.

Hello from Ukraine!

See you soon.

Tansy- I am counting down the days like it is Christmas and just can't wait for Sunday night at 6:30. I need to let my friend know to tell her husband that works security at the airport what we look like and that I will not be attacking you violently, no just hugging you very zealously so we don't get carted off.
Trey rode in the mom-mobile for his first day back. He somehow forgot to tell daddy and me about orientation the night before so I gladly volunteered to walk him in to school and help him find all his classes.
The look on his face should have been captured on film. Needless to say my baby boy did not want his mom going in with him on his first day of "High School".
I will talk him into lunch one day, just watch me.
Annuals had not arrive as of this morning, but Dad is checking tomorrow.
Your "Daddy in Charge" (while there), related a story of your eating nothing but water and crackers. What a jokester.
He is a jokester, right Tansy?
I know he is because of all the things you have bragged about eating.
Tansy's "Welcome Home Dinner"- Liver,onion and potato dumplings. Um Um Good.
Okay, I am seriously missing you beyond greatly... the rambling is a sure sign.

I carried Granny to the doctor and she is doing pretty good all things considered. She loves you and asks about you often. (have you seen any books or articles about the Cossacks, Russian Women Tank Brigade or Fighter Pilots..if you pick up some books we can donate them to the Mount Juliet Library in memory of Poppy)

Much love to My Favorite Baby Girl in the Whole Wide World, From Your Favorite Mommy in the Whole Wide World.

God Bless each of you as you are held in thoughts and prayers always.

Tansy's Mom
Tansy--eat lots of pastry. Is it legal for you to bring me some baklava? Mom
Tanner, Extra from the care package.
PS Tansy I read my MY Space comment and we could use two of the tea cups. Hummmm.... Suttle Hint. LOL :)
We were glad to hear that you all received your luggage. We hope you have a great time in Athens...Daddy take lots of pictures please!
We will be praying for you all to have a safe and "uneventful" (as Daddy would say) trip home.
Phillip, Teresa, Hannah, & Seth
Hope you all are able to relax and enjoy your time in Athens. I dito what Teresa said, take lots of pictures and be safe. You are in my thoughts and prayers,
Hope everyone has a great time in Athens.

Pictures....lots of pictures..(please).

Love you Daddy,
Happy to hear things are going well. Please be safe and come home soon.

Baya, Erika & J.J.
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