Live from's Monday Night!

Well, today has allowed us to become more accustomed to our new surroundings. We spent the morning at Novoshelone. One of the boys asked if we would come every day of the year! We taught about the good samaritan; they performed skits about being kind. I wish you could see the looks on those faces as they do their lessons and crafts - it is truly amazing!
David, David, and Tony spent the morning with Sasha, discussing the work in Krasnoarmeysk. They toured the city and visited one of the women of the congregation who has been seriously ill. After lunch, we met with the councilwoman to set up some appointments for this week. We will be visiting with the mayor's office and take tours through several places in town. Hopefully, this will help us maintain a closer working relationship with the church and the local officials.
We are preparing to leave for the first night of our campaign, in which David Burka will be speaking on how to understand the Bible. If all goes well, we should get our luggage tonight (but we will be fine either way). God bless you!

I know the members at Kras are so glad you are there. I know you are a huge encouragement to them. We're praying your luggage gets there tonight!!! Love you all.
Greetings from the Mountain Juliet!
I hope one day to be standing in Heaven visiting with someone about our homes on earth - as I say I was from MJ they will light up and say - It was someone from MJ who first told me of Jesus! Thank you for what you are doing. You and God are the most powerful force in that whole country - w/ or w/o luggage! We miss you guys. Andrew - the office and worship time just isn't the same w/o you around! You are in our prayers and hearts. May God grant you success!
I Corinthians 15:58,
Luggage? I was beginning to think Tansy might have to go shopping in the Digs down in Alabama (the unclaimed luggage mall store)to get her luggage.

The experiences shared with these children will be with them for a lifetime and that is marvelous! Stay Safe, Stay Strong and always in His care.
Tansy's MOM
P.S. (Sending my Tansy XOXOXOX's across the spans between us between her and me)
It sounds like you are doing so much good working with the kids and giving them hope for their lives. Keep up the good work. You are all loved and missed very much here at Mt. Juliet. Hang in just a few more days!!

Sounds like you've settled in to your new digs and started right to work! I know (even without Andrew's discription) that you're having a tremendous impact on everyone that you come in contact with, kids and adults alike. Tansy, G-Daddy is there now and you're just gonna have to help take care of him! Trey and I went to see Grammy yesterday; she made sure that everybody in Bama knows where you are and what you're doing. Everybody's thinking and praying for you and the rest of the team and the work you're doing. Hopefully by now (about 6:30 a.m. where you are) you've been reunited with your long lost luggage, found fresh clothes and supplies and are ready to start a new day! Love you all, especially you, T.

p.s. Thanks for the email Tansy, I passed it along.
well while we're all passing on our well-wishes.. andrew, give my dad one of these - :{| and place the palm of your hand anywhere on my mother's face. she loves that. she'll understand.

and being the regional blogging potentate that i am, ive got a few suggestions: one, more sound effects; two, more semicolons;, three, a word of the day in the colloquial tongue which we at home can use for inside jokes to shame/encourage people into keeping up with the blog themselves. that being said, i think things are coming along nicely here.

if anyone has any questions, requires advice or simply would like to know "what would todd do in a situation like this?", i would kindly refer you to proverbs 30:20. the answers you seek may be found therein.

how's the tobacco market up/over there?
I have tried a couple of times to take advantage of this wonderful tool but have not mastered it - maybe this time it will work.

Andrew, your descriptions make me feel like I am right there with you - it is a wonderful thing!!! I know how this will change your life and in the end you will be more blessed than you could ever imagine. Remember that those of us on the home front have each of you and the people you are reaching out to, especially the precious children in our hearts and prayers.

Tansy, I am so proud of you I could just bust!!!!! I cannot wait to see you at the airport and hear you talke non stop!!!

To God be the glory!!!

Tansy (& the rest of the team),

We are so proud of you! You are in our thoughts and prayers. Can't wait to see you and hear all your stories.

Miranda, Jacob, Grammy, Marie, & Charley
Well, I finally get to post. Better late than never. I got to read your first few posts, then this morning I had a lot to catch up on.

I thought for sure you'd have your luggage by now, but at this point it might be fun to not get it so you can all brag about the time that you went on a mission trip and never got your luggage at all! (just kidding!) It would certainly show how well God provides for us though! Just remember He is in control and that you will be fine, with or without luggage.

It is so nice to have your blog to read, Andrew. Makes me feel almost as if I am there, except that I have clean clothes :) Hopefully you all had your cameras in your carry-on's so that we will see where you've been and all those cute little kids you've met.

You are all in my prayers. See you next week!

Connie Scoggins
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