Preparing for the Week

Our first full day in Donetsk was a good one! We began by greeting out translators who moved in this morning. Their names are Kostya, Lera, Masha, and Nika. We met with Ray and Lynn (the American missionaries who have helped us with our lodging, transportation, etc.) as well as Sasha, the preacher for Krasnoarmeysk Church of Christ this morning for breakfast at a restaurant known as "3 Fat Men." I promise, that is its name! We planned out our schedule for the week, as well as next week with Sasha. Tomorrow, we will get to be a part of the children's Bible Class he and Julia have started with the neighborhood young people. One baptism has already occurred as a result of this program. He was also telling me that the wife of one of the church's long-time members was baptized, and she is now bringing their children to worship!

We left there to exchange money and do some shopping for what we will need the next few days. Our translators were helpful in the outdoor market. We were able to get everything we needed. One thing we noticed is that the Donetsk economy is doing better. More stores are opening all the time, and the prices are not nearly as low as just a few years ago. We also bought all the groceries we will need for each apartment. Since we are such a large group, we had to divide and conquer - each group of a few Americans had a translator to help them. Because we are now more familiar with the city, that task was much easier than last year. Plus, everyone got a good workout walking around the city.

We met this evening and discussed the classes for Monday. We will be teaching at Karlovka, an orphanage/rehab center for kids ages 7-16. Many of them have run away from home or are dealing with addiction-related problems. We will also be doing a VBS at the Proletarski church in the evenings. Because Lynn has so many teaching resources, we should be able to make it Monday teaching the lessons, applications, crafts, and games that we had planned. What a blessing! The airline representative says our luggage should arrive on Monday, so we are hoping to have everything we need for the rest of the lessons.

Well, it is late here, so I will sign off. Tomorrow, we will go to Krasnoarmeysk, worship with the congregation, help with the children's Bible class (which takes place in a nearby park), and then Sasha and Julia will host us for a meal. After that, we will go to Proletarski for evening worship service, and then we can prepare for the VBS there.

Thanks for reading, thanks for the chicken wings and elbow grease (Scott); thanks for everything you do for us!


I am so glad to hear that you all made it safely even if your luggage did least it's on the way. You are all in our thoughts and prayers.


P.S. Daddy- We made it home yesterday from Destin. The kids and I went with Momma to David's party today. She is so sorry she missed your call...I guess we didn't hear the phone ring while we were in Chucky Cheese, but she did get your message. We love you!
Good luck on your mission. You are in our prayers.

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