Making the Rounds

Today truly was a special Lord's Day! First, we worshipped with the Krasnoarmeysk congregation. You may remember that there were only a few members last year with very few children attending. The great news is that we had 5 children in worship service today, along with a few new faces. Counting the 13 of our team, we had over 30 in attendance. Roma (who has preached there before and is now working in Karkov) preached an excellent lesson on the parable of the sower. It was a great message to keep in mind before our campaign there next week. Then, the ladies set out some tasty fresh fruit and we had some fellowship time.

Julia, wife of Sasha (the preacher), has been leading Sunday Bible Classes in the afternoon with children from the congregation and neighborhood. We took those kids out to the park this afternoon, where Sasha led us in some games. We also had some free time to play with the kids - a few of them attended the Christian camp that many of our Bible Classes took up a contribution to help. Then, Julia served us some homemade pizza in their flat. We left Krasnoarmeysk tired and full!

Then, we worshipped with the Proletarski church. Alex (who will be helping prepare our lunches this week) preached, and we met with Ray afterward to plan out the week. We finished the night with a Ukrainian buffet that had a great selection. We finally got some borscht again!

Tomorrow, we begin our two VBS type classes (and hopefully, our luggage will be in by the afternoon). God bless you!

Hey Everyone,
What a great report!!!! Great news about the 30+ in worship today....How in the world did you get 30+ people in that little room???? I thought that we were fortunate to get our "last year's" group in there. Everything sound as if it is going great...I'm so proud of all of you....Saw David Burka and Greg Coles today and they are both getting ready to leave. David asked me if I wanted to go for him. Ha I tell you, truthfully, I wish it were possible to come with them. Lord willing, next year I'm going back because that was the greatest Christian experience of my life. Saw Phil and he misses being with all of you as well....He said that he hadn't sent a message but that he would send one soon. We had a great day at MJ - David's sermon was super, as usual.
That borscht sounds great to me as well as all of the other food. Hope you guys have a great week and I'll be back in touch regularly...It helps ease the "sting" of not being there....God bless all of you...In the Master and with such admiratiion for all of you, Ben D.
Hello, Ukraine Team! You are the BEST--once again making it without luggage, and able to teach as well! You are such a blessing to know!

It's wonderful for me to have a picture in my mind of what you are doing and where you are. Like Ben, I wonder how everyone fit in that room at Krasnoarmysk. I know the singing was great!

Maybe next year I can once again be there with you. Meanwhile, you are in my prayers for success in your work and safety in all you do.

In Christ, Myrna

PS This blog is a wonderful thing!
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