Just the Way We Like It!

Today was especially exciting because of our morning. The older boys in the group we have been working with at Karlovka did not seem as interested yesterday, since they were probably trying to figure out what we were all about. We planned some games and activities with them in mind today, and they really got involved! Once a few of the leaders participated, the others thought it was cool and dove right into the activities. Tomorrow, they are going to teach us some Ukrainian games and one of the workers has asked to take us on a tour of the orphanage. Today's theme was kindness, and we learned about the parable of the Good Samaritan. Since our craft supplies were not available, we had to improvise. Melissa bought some yarn, and Tansy taught the kids how to make friendship bracelets. They loved them - even the older guys!

For lunch, we had ham, green beans, and corn at Lynn's. After lunch, we sang with Ray, Lynn, the translators, and few other Ukrainian Christians. It was wonderful - we weren't ready to quit when it was time to walk to the church building. Proletarski's VBS went well again. One of the visitors who seemed reluctant last night brought a friend today - you never know!

Well, I guess I should provide a luggage update for everyone. I liked Annie's reminder that this is "just the way we like it." Our team has really exemplified that attitude, and we are constantly reminded how much we take for granted when we teach these kids. While we had no problem going through customs in an airport, our luggage did! We found out today that customs in Istanbul does not accept unclaimed luggage. So...it will be flying back to Athens, and heading to Donetsk on the next direct flight (which should be tomorrow afternoon). Ray and Lynn took us to Metro tonight (think Sam's Club in Ukraine) to get some more supplies/neccessities, etc. Even though this news was frustrating, it didn't keep our day from being a big success. If I could choose to have either our luggage arrival go well or our Bible Classes go well, I know which one I would prefer! God has been with us, and He will continue to take care of us. Thank you for your encouragement!

Hey to all of you,

I am amazed at your good attitude through all of this. You are to be commended for your determination. I found another number for US Air just in case the other one did not work. It is 800-428-4322. I think everyone here are doing okay as far as I know. I miss you.

Hello my dear friends and fellow Christians--what an adventure you are having! An awesome God allows His work to go on in spite of no luggage and no materials! Seems like it just shows that with a plan (fruits of the Spirit) we could make it without all the American "stuff" we think we need to teach about Jesus. You are working hard and doing a great job--thanks to Andrew for the updates. Keep the creative juices flowing while you work without your tools. Assuming your luggage keeps on traveling, can we email anything to you that would be helpful?

My sympathy to Tansy. God bless you.

My love to you all. In Christ, Myrna McKinley
Andrew, just buy some soft rope,tie a hondo(loop) on the end, and "cowboy" your way through it.
That worked for me before remember.

Tell my wife I love her and that I have not let the dogs in......yet!

I am (we are)praying for you all.

Hang in there!!!

To God be all Glory

i hope your luggage got some good pictures of Istanbul (not Constantinople)!

really sorry to hear about that- but if there's a group of people out there who know how to make the best of it- I'd say you guys are it!

i mean... I'll wear the same pair of clothes for 3 days in college, but at least I have a choice...

(just kidding)
I was able to use your luggage story this morning. David was fussing because he forgot to bring his transformer to school. I reminded him that fussing about it wasn't going to help. Then I told him that GrandDaddy was in the Ukrain and his luggage was in another country. At first he thought you all might be running around naked. I reassured him that you flew over there with clothes on and had a change of clothing with you and had been to the store. After that I told him that GrandDaddy wasn't fussing about his luggage and has been without it for almost a week. He mulled that over and didn't say anything else about the transformer.

You all hang in there. We are praying for you to get your luggage soon. God goes on what's in the heart and I know that there is so much good going on that there wouldn't ever be enough luggage bags to hold it all.


That's my Girl.....Way to go Tansy!!!! All that camping when you were little came in handy...
Everybody loves a "Happy Camper" because you use what you have with you and don't worry about what you don't have. Love you, Bye! Mom
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