We Have Arrived!

After four flights, we have arrived in Donetsk, Ukraine! I guess we paid our dues last year, because we made it through this year with everyone's luggage! AS you can imagine, that makes everything go just a little bit smoother. Our flights were all relatively on time, and thanks to the help of Alex, we made it through customs easily. We came into the country at roughly 10:15 here, which would be 2:15 Central time. We were met by Ray Grayham and Lynn Allison (missionaries with the Proletarski congregation), Sasha and Natasha (who work with the Ukrainian Bible Institute as well as the church at Bjohnaski), and Jay Donn Rodgers, the president of Ukrainian Bible Institute. We are staying in three apartments in Donetsk, each within approximately 10 minutes of Lenin Square. They had food waiting in our refrigerators and two of our apartments have a washing machine. They are very nice, and we are grateful for all the help we have been given in making these arrangements.

Today, we ate lunch with Ray, Lynn, Dave, and Josh at the Three Fat Men restaurant and planned out the remainder of the weekend. This afternoon, we are going to the grocery store and then meeting to get set up for the upcoming Bible Classes/Vacation Bible School. Tomorrow, we will go to Krasnoarmeysk and meet with Sasha (the preacher there - different than the Sasha who met us at the airport). We will plan out week 2 in Krasnarmeysk and get to know the people and situation there better. In the evening, we will probably go to Proletarski to meet with Ray and plan out the Vacation Bible School we will be conducting there this week. We found a local internet cafe, so we should be able toupdate this site fairly frequently. We hope to have pictures of the kids we teach to display as well. We are incredibly grateful for all of your prayers and encouragement!

We are so glad to here that you all made it safely to Donetsk and are getting settled. We will continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers. Take care!
Phillip, Teresa, Hannah, & Seth
Beth and I are glad you all there
safely. It sounds like you will be very busy! Remember we love you!

Just wanted to drop you all a line and say that we will keep you all in our thoughts and prayers and will be checking in regularly to make sure everything is alright.

Jason and Lauren
We're glad you all made it there safely. Tell Phil hello and that we'll be checking the blog page regularly so that we can give a report to the rest of the family. You all are in our prayers!

Matt, Paula & Sophie
Sunday morning here!
You are on my prayer list today.
I remember a similar journey and my days in Ukraine.

I know you will be a blessing to those who attend your VBS! I can just see you singing with those kids...cute little girls with big bows in their hair and little guys with watching eyes!

My prayers go before you!
May you be a reflection of His glory,
Ms. B
Glad you made it safe. Here's a sports update for Daddy, Phil, and anyone else who cares:
UT 35
Cal 18

(UT dominated...score doesn't reflect game)

Vandy 7
Michigan 27

Alabama 25
Hawaii 17

Titans beat Greenbay.

Andre Agassi loses in 3rd round of US Open.

Provols win MJCoCFFL & Da MJ Boyz Titles....

Love you guys

Jeremy & Marie
Hey Andrew and Company:
Check your email at church for a special greeting related to your special day :-)!

We are thankful that you all had a safe trip.

We will be checking in while you are away.

In Christ,

Glenda & Jerry Franklin
All -

So glad to hear you made it through safely and with relative ease - Carol and I, as well as the girls, have each of you and your efforts in our daily prayers. Oh, and before I forget - Happy Birthday Andrew! Since you are there for your birthday does that mean you "lost a day" for last year? Are you a day younger? ;-)Looking forward to the updates.

- Cary, Carol and the girls
Glad to hear your travel to Donetsk was safe and without any luggage mishaps. We hope you are all doing well as you remain in our thoughts and prayers.

Brad and Rebecca Rudder
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