Monday Madness

Hey y'all...this is Phil Waggoner reporting for the MJ Ukraine Team...1st of all, a big shout out to our families and friends...we love you and miss you.

Monday morning we went to the UBI (Ukrainian Bible Institute) for chapel at 9:00 a.m. Andrew spoke and did a fantastic job. We met some neat people there and a few of us got the grand tour of the facility.

After this we had lunch together at the ladies' apartment. The ladies had splurged for a cake to celebrate Andrew's 25th Birthday. Good times were had by all.

The mini-bus picked us up at 1:00 and we went to the church building in Proletarski. We met up with the minister there from Memphis, Ray Graham. With our Vacation Bible School 1st night looming at 5:00, we divided into three's to go out and doorknock.
We were actually child-hunting, scavenging the neighborhoods for any 5-15 year old's. He had several flyers made up to hand out and each team of American's had a Ukrainian interpreter to help spread the message.

We had a little rest time at Lynn Allison's apartment for some refreshments. We got back to the building around 4:15 to set up and get prepared for the children.

We had 8 children join us for the first night of Vacation Bible school. While we were hoping for more children, of the ones who came, we made some solid contacts and a good impression.
Tony Huddleston taught the lesson about Creation, and Sissy Pickler, Pat Huddleston, and Susan McCulloch also assisted. These ladies had some great crafts and games which helped reinforce the lesson.

We started out with a period of Singing with Andrew and Vana, one of the interpreters. Buddy Pickler took care of snacks, which is as big a draw here for kids as it is in the States.

We concluded VBS at 7:00 with one of the children asking "How many friends can i bring tomorrow?" We encouraged them all to come back and bring friends.

Our VBS will be going on at Proletarski through Friday night. Please pray that it may grow and that we can make a powerful impact for Christ in the hearts of these children.

After VBS, we had a team meal at the 'Three Fat Men" Restaurant. Then we departed for our homes.

It is currently Tuesday at 10:45. Andrew spoke at chapel this morning at UBI and did a fantastic job as usual.

We have a big day ahead of us. We're leaving at11:30 for Macheevka. We are going to be teaching the children there, conducting a Vacation Bible School from 1:00-3:30.

Then we will leave in time to make it to Proletarski for Day 2 of the VBS from 5-6:30. It is about an hour drive from Donnetsk to Macheevka, and then an hour or so from Macheevka to Proletarski.

We have another full day ahead of us. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers.
It means the world to all of us. Thanks also for the loving comments.
Much love,
phil and the mj team

I'm so glad to hear that you all are having such a great trip so far. We are enjoying reading about your days in the Ukraine. Take care!
Phillip, Teresa, Hannah, & Seth
Reading about your trip and accomplishments is the highlight of my day. Maybe each of the children will bring lots of friends and you're overloaded tonight.

We think of you daily and your encouragement to those people there. May God bless each of you. Hope you are keeping Ben under control.

I hope you had a Great Birthday, Andrew - wish Catherine could have been there with you.

In Christian Love,
John & Joanne Fitzgerald
To my dear UB, I hope you are doing well and accomplishing great things in the Ukraine!

I pray that God blesses all of you for your good work!

I am so glad you are doing well and that the travel went well with all the luggage arriving with you and everything. I know you must be tired but hopefully you will get a little caught up each night. Hope you had lots of kids today. David, Linda got home safe today and the kids got home safe yesterday. I will try to hold down the fort. I am thinking about you and praying for you all.
It's so exciting to read what ya'll are up to over there! (how do you translate ya'll?) Happy Birthday, Andrew! We already miss everybody, but know you're going to touch so many lives! Can't wait to hear how many kids showed up tonight. You'll all continue to be in our prayers! Love,
Terri Minton
You are all in our prayers. I can just see the big smile on Phil's face as he teaches the kids there, and I know the warmth they will feel. I know God will be given the glory for your efforts and I hope many are touched. Linde as 2 kids in her grade at Ezell from Russia, precious children. Happy Birthday Andrew!!
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