Ukraine 2012 June 14

Greetings from Ukraine .  Temps are expected to remain in the 90's today.   This is the first year we have enjoyed "shared" meals, the guys (who stay at a different house) eating with the ladies for lunch and dinner.  Talk of the day's activities and plans for next day are topics that dominate conversation.  In years past we didn't have the chance to plan as well. Speaking of food, we are dining like kings and queens.  Borscht for lunch every day, either regular or green; chicken and pork and potatoes served many ways.  Lydia is the best cook in the world!! We eat fresh vegetables from her garden and drink compot.  Compot is a cold refreshing drink made from fresh cherries hand picked from her cherry tree.  Everything is fresh and organic.  The children we work with here are beautiful.  I wish we could bring them all home.  Please pray that we influence them for Christ.  Pressure from parents and others is strong.  Apathy is a problem all over the world.  I was reminded of P.D.'s favorite passage in the Bible today,  2 Kings 6:17. We know the heavenly hosts are watching over our efforts and these precious little ones. We are all children of God, only the language barrier separates us while we are on earth .  In heaven we will all speak one language...that is something to look forward to.  Ukraine won their first round match in the Euro Cup.  National pride is on display. Think Alabama vs Tn football times 100.  David

It's been great reading about all of the good things happening there. I will continue to be in prayer for your health and safety, as well as, the securing of a new location for the congreation there to meet.
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