Ukraine 2012 June 13

Update on Krasnoarmeysk meeting place. On Friday the team traveled to Gorlovka to visit the Bear Valley Ukraine and to meet with an attorney to discuss the procedures for purchasing property. We had a good meeting and understand more about what we need to do. The lawyer assisted in the transfer of the building used for the church and the school there. No money was involved so that transaction was simpler. Our current thinking is that we will engage that lawyer to structure the paperwork so that the church can acquire property. This will take several months. The school has a great place to train preachers. In fact they are interested in Ray becoming their first English speaking student so we cancelled his return trip and he will spend the summer learning Russian and will complete his second year here. We just have to find chains and handcuffs strong enough to hold him. :) On Monday evening Tony, David, and Buddy met with the congregation without Sasha, Julia, and Lera to see if they had any concerns they would like to bring to the elders. The only issue they raised is sharing the two room apartment with Sasha and his family and the church. Neither has the space to do what they want. We encouraged them to look for a first floor location for the church to rent as a short term measure until a long term solution of a separate building could be resolved. They all expressed love for Sasha and Julia and are pleased with their work. They have some tension over use of the apartment for the ladies to meet, the youth to meet, and Sasha's home. The first set of tension (ladies and youth use) is all growth related and the second is the unfortunate result of Sasha being priced out of his apartment. A separate place for the church to meet with additional space and a little scheduling will solve both issues. This is a wonderful group of Christians, who are doing the best they can with the limited resources that they have. They are doing a great work with 5 baptisms this past year of both young and not so young.  Please continue to pray for this work and these wonderful people. Buddy

Enjoying the blog and thanking God for the good reports. The five baptisms for the year is awesome! I'm glad the legal discussions went well for the future property purchase. Meeting the physical need for space seems to be a major hurdle for the growth there. Praying for the team's health & safety and that much good comes from the seeds that are sown.
Hello Team, Please do bring Ray back with you. His momma would miss him very much!
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