Ann Craddock

We are trying to keep our distance from Buddy as he is being stopped at every checkpoint. We were apprehensive about clearing customs in Kiev with all the extra luggage. We landed, picked up our luggage, kept walking and didn't get stop or checked. So much for worrying!! I am thinking about sweet Ann Craddock. She was one of the first ladies from Mt Juliet to make this trip 20 years ago. Give her a hug from the 2012 Ukraine Mission team..she and others paved the way for us. Thank you for all your prayers, God is so good to his children. We are in good hands! David

Hello everyone, glad you made it safely..finally! Someone please remind Ray to bring me a rock, if they will let him bring it through customs. (Don't give it to Buddy)
We are praying for you all, be safe!
Glad you all are safe. Already missing Nonnie. Mom, are you going to be home the week of July 23rd?
Love to all, Erin
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